welcome to sunny apples resort.

sunny apples resort is a small beach resort on an island located somewhere in the digital frontier. known for its shimmering PS2 water, low-poly apple trees, and 90s jungle ambience, you are sure to find something you'll love.

we hope you enjoy your stay... ☆彡

recent updates

11/21/23: over the course of the past week i've made a few more adjustments, mostly involving making the text legible on mobile because, surprise, turns out i do actually value being able to look at my site on the go (lol) and i also added a kaomoji page and a photography page.

11/13/23: oops it's another landing page overhaul. i just can't seem to like anything i do with it. i've also added the umineko and sonic shrines and moved my external site i was using to blog/journal to bearblog. also, i added some of my mutuals'/neighbors' buttons to the site links! :]

10/5/23: finally added a new page to the site: a list of music i own physically. i also redid the about page and my main css which reflects in the link page and the stamp heaven page. honestly i'll probably redo this landing page too, i feel way out of my depth when i go to edit things. oops. in the meantime, i am trying to use my second site lyctor more for light blogging/musing/etc..

8/2/23: did the center image yaaay (aka found a f2u beach image and photoshopped the hell out of it)

8/2/23: i forgot to say it when i did the overhaul but i re-overhauled everything again. i'd like to redo the button and also make the little center image (the spot where kamille from gundam is presently giving you a reassuring thumbs up) next, although who knows when that'll happen.

7/24/23: finally made a button! i also decided to use another external site for my blog/musings/etc. so i made a button for that as well. i'm not as happy with the sunny apples one, but it's nice to at least have one.

7/19/23: yume nikki mini-diary/shrine/collection is now up! links -> yume nikki. still wip-y but i'm glad to have the framework done.

7/13/23: stamp heaven is live! site links -> stamp heaven to see the page. note some stamps are gifs and may include flashing, although i didn't include any that i felt were especially egregious with the eyestrain.

7/10/23: finally figured out how external stylesheets work. next up is links page + hopefully a button.

7/9/23: the resources page is officially up but is a major major wip.

7/7/23: finished the major blog overhaul + got an about page up.

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